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This is the meeting place for like minded people (Whether its social or business) in the center of Makati's business district.

Established since. Nobody knows for sure exactly when the Club was formed but we do know that the Club boasts over 130 years of history.

The Club's colorful history is captured in the HISTORY section and can be read in the "The Manila Club", a Social History of the British in Manila wrtten by Angus L. Campbell, 1993, ISBN 971-91352-0-4."

To read the book

1   Choose the Chapter from the RECENT POSTS section, then choose you're Chapter.

2   Pick your page with the arrow keys

3  Hit the magnifying glass with your left key.

4  Position the page with your left button held down.

5   Visit us at our venue (Address below), also sharing the same floor with the Elks club that was also established in 1910.

The Club

The opening hours are from:

10:00 am until 10:00 pm  Monday to Friday.

10:00 am until 7:00 pm on a Saturday, Sunday and a Public Holiday.

Check for the Special and regular events on the events page and the calender or contact mc@manilaclub.org.